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ARTWORK - Introduction



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As Paul Klee stated, art consists of making the invisible, visible.  In the piece above I inserted a native icon that depicts the spirit of the river and the life that lives within it.  This addition gives the overall image a power that far exceeds the subtle image of the underwater fish.

I recently gave an exhibition of my work titled: "Art that Soothes; Art that Disturbs".  The piece above probably does a little of both in that it is of nature - which typically soothes - and yet there is that underwater spirit that one can just barely make out - which startles and disrupts the viewer's normal way of seeing. 

Many of the images that you will find in my galleries attempt to bring forth what actually occurs in the experience of seeing.  For example, when we view a crowded street scene, one or two people will attract and gather our attention.  My images attempt to represent that kind of focal awareness. That is, I try to represent those aspects of the scene that capture my attention as Real, whereas other aspects of the scene become sketchy or blurred.  I use the same approach to show that for most drivers and passengers what goes on inside the car is Real, while what occurs outside is less so.


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